Sunday, July 25, 2010


My dear friend Syd passed away today. She was an amazing artist. She loved animals. She was a very successful breeder and trainer of champion German Shephards. She was a horsewoman. She loved to read, and to learn. She was highly intelligent. I loved her. She was direct, honest, proud and sensitive. She loved life and nature and she loved to paint. She was an excellent art teacher with an exceptional eye for good art and correct anatomy. She would tear my paintings apart....but then build me up so I would keep working on them.
Very rarely do you meet someone who's friendship does not depend upon having grown up together, gone to school together, have kids the same age, you're the same age....etc. The friendship that Syd and I shared was so easy - we were simply the same person on the inside. We shared almost every single hobby, passion, and interest, and the ones we didn't share didn't matter because we understood one another.
Syd, I hope all those dogs welcomed you at the gate. When I hear thunder I will think of you yelling at them to "SHUT UP!!!" I will never forget you, and I will keep painting. Love, me
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