Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oil 8"x10"

I really felt like painting tonight but am still procrastinating about finishing the mustang painting so.....this is a small, 1 hour study, taken from a picture I took of a friends horse. I should really consider doing a larger version since it turned out so pretty. The background I completely made up so I'm a little shocked it turned out this well. Must be my plein air practicing paying off? It feels nice to have something turn out once in a while so I'll take it!
I'm noticing that I am an excellent procrastinater. Instead of painting I can manage to burn up my time on the computer searching for art, or blogging (yes, I'm procrastinating right now!), or even deep cleaning my house - which lets face it is NOT usually my idea of a good time. Maybe I need to put aside the mustang for another year - or put it in the junk pile...? As I type that I still feel that that painting can be saved and should be finished. So we'll see what happens. I do have a strong desire to paint, so if I continue to avoid painting the mustang I'm going to just paint whatever else strikes me - like this napping, black Quarter Horse.....I'm at peace just looking at him....
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