Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Red Tool Shed - high key

Last night the evening sun was so pretty. I pulled out my equipment and decided to do a value study while Russ was mowing the field the cows were in. I had less than an hour to work with but the kids actually cooperated and played contentedly. I painted this using high values only, and I think I should focus on my values, and how they relate to eachother, more often. I can tell now that I put more energy into mixing the colors I see, and my paintings lack in correctness of value. I read last night in John Carlsons' "Guide to Landscape Painting" that if the values are correct it really doesn't matter what the colors are. Also an artist friend of mine Kathryn Townsend documented on her blog some excersizes in black and white I found truly inspiring. And so I keep learning......and loving the process.
I find so much joy in painting outside, and I am already feeling renewed and ready to tackle those unfinished studio paintings. "Montana" and the painting of the fall pumpkins both still lie unfinished next to the easel.
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