Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sun and Silence...ahhh

Well, it's 7:04am right now and it is actually a gorgeous day. I am also the only one out of bed which make this almost heaven. Times like this are very rare. So I get to actually drink my coffee and relax... second painting this's actaully a portrait of a beautiful Tennessee Walker gelding that my art teacher owns. I put some training on him earlier this year and fell in love with him. What a gentle, quiet spirit, with a strong desire to please! Apparently Walkers have this reputation - I'd call him the ideal "husband" horse, and if I ever buy a second horse for the kids and my husband to ride it will definitely be a TW. My art teacher Syd, actaully took a picture of him while I was working him under saddle and this is the painting of that can tell he looks very like he's focusing very hard and absorbed in whatever we were learning at the moment...hence the title "In Training".