Monday, July 25, 2011

Fresh Air Art Festival!!

It has been a long time between posts I know but at least I can say I've been painting. I've also been building a chute for our highland cattle with my husband but that is an adventure for another blog......

I went to the "Fresh Air Artists Festival" in Cle Elum, my second year doing this and I had a blast. Had some much needed alone time, got some good instruction from artist Jim Lamb, and had fun just driving around and painting.

A study from Iron Horse State Park. Check out my Alla Prima Pochade, that thing is a beauty! ;)

" View from High Point Rd."

oil 8"x10"

5"x7" study done on someones BEAUTIFUL ranch. Untitled. Complete with bugs, sometimes I think this adds to the sentimental value or at least I tend to view it with fondness...! My photo's are un-cropped and I apologize they also were taken "on location" and I have no photo editing software at this time.
Anyway it was really fun, and I loved seeing the artist friends I had met last year again, and I met some new ones. Thanks Carpenter House Museum for putting up with us, I can't wait for next year!